Our Whys?

Why does Westlake E-Bikes exist?

We want to help PEC’s visitors stretch their legs and explore this area and other areas to their fullest. We execute this mission by providing E-bike sales, rentals, and related support. Our bikes and other micro-mobility fun machines are outfitted for a PEC lifestyle. Our “Duke” flagship bike is thoughtfully designed to handle any type of PEC adventure. We’re talking saddlebags to store your fresh market lunch and brewery pickup in, 4″ fat tires to keep those arms from noodling, and enough battery capacity to assist your ride all the way to Point-Petre and back on a single charge – no sweating even in August.

Our bikes are designed to be the ideal bike used locally here in PEC. We rent and sell them out of Wellington, but if you don’t venture down here for a free test drive, or rental, we deliver!

Why choose a Westlake E-bike?

An electrically-assisted bike is not required to enjoy the outdoors, but an E-bike enables unique experiences that would otherwise be impractical on a classical bike. Once you enjoy your first excursion on an E-Bike, and the flexible itinerary it brings along, you’ll be asking yourself why you did not try one earlier.

Our Flagship E-Bike is the ideal do-it-all bike for non-racing bikers. It will take you anywhere you want to go with reliability, capability, and the best comfort you could expect from an E-Bike.

Reasons an E-Bike is best for you and your group:

  1. Fun and exciting
  2. More stable and comfortable
  3. Brings everyone up to the same riding pace
  4. Fit more into your day trip with a shorter travel time between destinations
  5. Exercise with assist off for additional resistance, and then use it to get home efficiently as a reward after your session
  6. Enables use of Larger tires which provide a more in-control ride on loose terrain, and less vibration transferred to the rider
  7. Retains pace even with a payload or towing a cart
  8. E-bike technology is now finally mature, so you can trust your E-Bike to take you there and back.

Why is Prince Edward County a great E-Bike location?

PEC has become a leader in rural Ontario tourism. Offering attractions in all corners of the island you are bound to find something for everyone in your group. PEC has more public beach waterfront than any other district in Ontario, most of which is conservation land. From the iconic sand dunes in Sandbanks Provincial Park to the thriving ecosystem along with long point, there are enough natural parks to keep you busy exploring. On Westlake, you can also find the Westlake Wakeboard School, best enjoyed in the summer, as well as AirTime Kiteboarding, which is best enjoyed in the Spring, and Fall when it’s windy.

PEC also Boasts one of the most popular and established wine regions and brewery regions in Ontario. If you find a favorite stop be sure to follow them on social media so you can keep up on what food they will have available, and any live music events they have planned.

Why did the first bicycles have such large wheels?

Macmillan 1839

It is not a concrete fact who created the first bike but Kirkpatrick Macmillan is generally credited with inventing the pedal-driven bicycle. This Bicycle lacked a transmission to adjust the pedaling speed to a faster wheel speed. Thus the bikes were peddled as a direct drive, if the wheels on a direct drive bike were the size they typically are today it would require the rider to pedal at too high of an RPM to be comfortable for riding.