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The Millenium Trail

Originally the Millenium Trail was the Prince Edward County Railway (PECR) – renamed the Central Ontario Railway (COR) in 1882. The track ran almost due west out of Picton towards the western shore of the Prince Edward County peninsula. It turned northwest at Wellington and then due north at Hillier before turning northwest again at Consecon to loop around the western end of the Bay of Quinte and then northeast for the short remaining distance to Trenton.

There were ten stations on the line, Picton, Bloomfield at 4.22 miles, Hallowell 7.59 miles, Wellington 10.97 miles, Niles’ Corner 14.90 miles, Hillier 16.55 miles, Consecon 21.32 miles, Weller’s Bay 25.64 miles, Canal 27.02 miles and Trenton 30.60 miles. The line’s last owner, the Canadian National Railway, began to abandon the line in the 1960s and the section currently forming the Millennium Trail line was abandoned in 1984 and the rails removed. The County then purchased the original PECR line in 1997 and began transforming it into the multi-purpose trail it is today.

You will love using it as a bike highway, as it is very convenient to use to access all the business within its vacinity. If your destination is not assisted by the millenium trail the county does have numerous back roads that are typically quite from heavy traffic. Be sure to look both ways before crossing, and if you choose to bike on the shoulder of the larger highways such as Loyalist Parkway be mindful of loose gravel and road debris.

Below is a map of all millenium trail intersections, and some point of interests:

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