We are currently renting our bikes out of Wellington Ontario, If you need delivery we can do that within the PEC area for a small fee per bike.

While booking please keep in mind all full-day bike rentals must be back before the end of the day, and half-day rentals back after 4.5 hrs. Any late bike is likely subject to late fees.

The Delivery fee for E-Bike rentals is currently only set for the majority of PEC, if your looking for delivery to a further destination contact us for pricing.

Near the end of the booking process, you will be asked if you have read and agree to the Terms, Safety Rules, and Policies found here.

9:00 am – 7:00 pm
8:00 am – 7:00 pm
8:00 am – 7:00 pm
8:00 am – 7:00 pm
8:00 am – 7:00 pm
8:00 am – 7:00 pm
9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Q: Will the bike fit me comfortably?

A: Most people find our bikes very comfortable. If your height is below 5’ we may suggest a different bike model. Not all bike models are stocked in the same quantity please reach out to us to confirm if your height is below ~5’

Q: How fast do the bikes go?

A: On the highest assist level the electric bikes will only assist to maintain 32km/h – the government-set limit. However the bikes will go as fast as your legs, gravity, and/or a third-party thrust-producing device will allow. Please do not attach third-party thrust-producing devices to the bike, this is probably not safe and we do allow any third-party modifications.

Q: Do the bikes include helmets, locks, and lights?

A: Yes to all three. Locks and lights may be stored in your bike onboard storage.

Q: Can I drink alcohol and ride a bike?

A: Our team says No, and Laws pertaining to what you do on an E-Bike follow similar if not the same rules as a human-driven car under the highway traffic act. Please consult the government under the province you are renting our bikes in. Please follow those government rules when using our E-Bikes. We assume no liability for any actions you make once you begin renting our bikes. Please consult our terms and safety information here for more details:

Q: What time can we pick up the bikes

A: When booking the bikes online a time was likely chosen, you can change it if you wish by emailing or calling us. You can request to change the time to any time of day, If the time is after hours a small fee may apply

Q: What do I do if I suspect my battery or any other part of the E-Bike is damaged?

A: Do not continue to operate the E-bike, and do not charge the battery. Call our emergency help number immediately to be assisted.

Q: Are helmets, locks, lights included?

A: Yes, all bikes come with Helmets, Locks, and Lights.

Q: Are helmets required to be warn?

A: We want you to wear the helmets, 18 years olds and under are required to wear them. There is no penalty from us if you choose not to once you leave the shop.

Q: Do you require payment in advance?

A: To ensure the bike is reserved for you we do require payment in full in advance.

Q: Do you delivery them?

A: Yes we can deliver within 20km for $20 per bike, beyond 20km is $1 per km, per bike. Contact us if it’s a far distance.

Q: Where should we go?

A: There is a destination for everyone in PEC. Visit visitpec.c for a full list of ideas. We have some maps at our store.

Q: Where should we stay?

A: The Eddie, Mirazule, and Airbnb are great options for accommodations. The Eddie is the most convenient for renting Ebikes.

Q: What is an E-bike?

A: An ebike is like a regular bike but it has an electric battery and electric motor. The electric motors are commonly rated to be 500W or less and speed limited so anyone can ride them without a license like a regular bikes.

Q: How fast and far do they go?

A: The bikes are legally governed to 32km/h but if you pedal hard or go down hills you can go faster.

Q: What happens when it’s raining (1mm per hour)?

A: The bikes (and you 🙂 ) can get a little splashed. The bikes can get rained on and you should be able to find cover from the rain at various establishments.

Q: What happens when it’s raining a lot (more than 1mm per hour)?

A: We suggest you plan to be inside and lock the bikes for that hour. If it’s raining like that for multiple continuous hours or there is a weather warning from government Canada for the day we will refund the booking

Q: Do you _____ ?

A: Probably Yes, but contact us first. Click here