Prince Edward County (PEC)

Why is PEC a Great E-Bike Destination?

PEC has become a leader in rural Ontario tourism. With a variety of attractions across the island, you are bound to find something for everyone in your group. For example, PEC has plenty of natural park to explore, and more public beach waterfront than any other district in Ontario – Including the famous sand dunes in Sandbanks Provincial Park, of course. PEC is also one of the most popular and established wine, and brewery, regions in Ontario. And is home to a handful of cideries and distilleries too. PEC also has some amazing food trucks, cafes, and restaurants that are sure to excite your taste buds. Now, if none of that sounds good to you (somehow), there are also numerous boutiques and artisans to checkout here, many of which can also be found at the lively, weekly farmers markets. You may also discover some wonderful roadside farmstands where you can grab a bouquet of flowers, freshly picked produce, local honey, and beyond. 

While all these above attractions are enticing, you may be thinking …PEC sounds great, but why would I bike, why not just drive my car? While we believe there are endless reasons to bike instead, the simplest answer is: The Millennium Trail. The Millennium Trail, which is actually a re-purposed railway, is a one-of-a-kind 46km flat, gravel trail that runs the length of PEC, taking you from Carrying Place to Picton. The Millennium Trail helps get bikers, hikers, and those alike to where they are going safely by eliminating the typically risk that arises when sharing the road with cars, which are strictly prohibited on The Trail. So, choose to take the scenic route! Which is, just so we’re clear, through the fields, over that bridge, pass the alpacas, and straight to your next adventure.

The Eddie Hotel and Farm

Our main fleet of e-bikes will continue to be available at The Eddie Hotel and Farm for the 2024 season. Though, we are shaking things up this year… we will be offering self-serve electric bike rentals through our Westlake EBikes app!

Wander The Resort

We are very excited to have partnered with Wander the Resort for our 2024 season!

The Drake Devonshire

We are thrilled to announce that we have also partnered with The Drake Devonshire for our 2024 season! 

Cribs on Main

Cribs on Main will also be offering our e-bikes for the 2024 season, allowing you to head out right from downtown Picton!

Quinte's Isle CamPground

Our e-bikes will also be available at Quinte’s Isle Campground this 2024 season, so you can easily adventure around Cherry Valley now, too!

The Waring House

We have also partnered with The Warning House, which is situated conveniently just off The Millennium Trail, and between Bloomfield and Picton.

Please bear with us while we update this webpage with all the deets.