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FAQ for Models:

Q: Can I visit any bike shop for repairs?
A: Yes, any bike shop can do service on our bikes, we suggest you only take your E-bikes to a shop that is trained and certified to work on E-Bikes with lithium-ion batteries. If you suspect your battery is damaged do charge it, and mark the battery visible as damaged with a sticker or note that is permanently fixed to the battery.

Q: What do I do if I suspect my battery or any other part of the E-Bike is damaged?
A: Do not continue to operate the E-bike, and do not charge the battery. Take the E-Bike as soon as possible to a trained and certified E-Bike shop and give all details regarding the accident and your suspected damage.

Q: What is an Electric Bike?

A: An E-Bike is like a regular bike but with a battery and small electric motor to assist your pedaling.

Q: What are legal limits that govern E-Bikes?

A: To operate an e-bike in Ontario, the e-bike must have:

  • a maximum assisted speed of 32 km/h
  • a maximum weight of 120  (includes the weight of the bike and battery) kg
  • an electric motor not exceeding 500 watts
  • no modifications to the motor to allow it to exceed a power output greater than 500 watts and an assisted speed greater than 32 km/h
  • battery and electric motor securely fastened to the bicycle frame to prevent them from moving while the e-bike is operating
  • all electrical terminals properly insulated
  • minimum wheel width of 35  and minimum diameter of 350 mm mm
  • two independent braking systems that applies force to each wheel and is capable of bringing the e-bike, while being operated at a speed of 30 , to a full stop within 9 metres, on a level asphalt surface, from the point at which the brakes were applied

*E-Bikes can be made and sold that fall outside these limits, but they will only be legal to drive off-road privately or with special government issued licensing on road.

Q: What kind of E-Bikes does westlake e-bikes sell?

A: We sell all types of E-Bikes, we can inquire about ordering in other styles of bikes if your looking for something different than what we have on our site.

Q: What happens if the bike needs service?

A: Any reputable bike shop can service westlake ebikes, if for a reasonable reason the bike is un-usable a new bike will be loaned until your bike can be returned.

Q: What is the Warranty?

A: We have a two year warranty on all components.