Giving back to the land that initiated PEC businesses.

Westlake E-Bikes has created a clothing line that donates 50% of our proceeds to natural conservation of the beautiful region that is Prince Edward County (PEC), Ontario. Historically, the land of the Wendat (Huron) and Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people.

Westlake E-Bikes wants to give back to PEC conservation efforts because we believe the main reason this region has become a popular location for both businesses and visitors alike, is because of its geography, and natural landmarks. Preserving the natural features of PEC is important for both the future of our tourism economy, and to retain the health of, and equitable access to the parks in PEC that brought people here originally. As more people continue to visit PEC to experience the unique conservation areas and provincial parks, additional businesses have been created to meet the growing demand for goods, services, and accomodations. These businesses in turn enable more visitors to experience what PEC has to offer, and thus the cycle feeds itself. But we have to be careful that this cycle doesn’t lead to the deterioration of conservation areas or parks for the sake of growth, and we have a duty to conserve these areas from the additional ware they are receiving.

Wait, if you don’t love our merch, please don’t buy.

Personally we think our graphics are stellar, but if you don’t there is a more efficient way to enjoy the views of PEC and contribute to conservation. Please visit

How do we contribute?

We are honouring the beauty that PEC offers by creating clothing that depicts a selection of some of the many beautiful spots that can be found throughout PEC. Each graphic was created by the Westlake E-Bikes team to capture the essence of a unqiue location in the region. All clothing that features a detailed landscape of PEC will contribute 50% of the proceeds to organizations and projects that aim at conserving the natural features in the region.

Supporters of our conservation merchandise have the oppourtunity to vote on which organizations or projects recieve your donation.

Conservation projects are be targeted by their impact. If you know of any current conservation issues, or organizations that would benefit greatly from funding, please share it with us via social media or email here.

Our current selection of conservation clothing can be found here, with more added occasionally. Keep an eye out for these graphics next year:

– Lake on the Mountain
– Point Petre
– Murray Canal

What does 50% of all proceeds mean?

This means 50% of remaining funds after subtracting the costs incurred for the clothing that contributes towards conservation efforts.

Costs incurred include the costs to develop the graphics, acquire and ship the shirts, and maintain aspects of the website related to the conservation efforts.

A break-down of these costs is updated monthly and can be found here: *Coming Soon*