About Us

The Team

Hey there! I’m Erik, and alongside my wife, Abbey, we are the Westlake E-Bikes team. As a lifelong resident of Prince Edward County, having grown up on Westlake, this region has always held a special place in my heart. Our journey with Westlake E-Bikes started from a simple, shared love for exploring this picturesque countryside, and a desire to spread that joy to fellow adventurers.

In a more literal sense, this adventure started back in 2020 within the confines of my childhood home’s garage, nestled on Westlake. With my parent’s short-term accommodations on the property, guests were constantly inquiring about what to do in the area, and the best way to get around. While we had an endless list of amazing destinations to recommend, the transportation options were lacking. Enter Westlake E-Bikes. We decided to custom-designed a few e-bikes, spec’d with PEC terrain and adventures in mind, and began renting our bikes to guests and our friends. Everyone raved about it ­– and the word spread.

Fast forward to today, we have fine-tuned our bike design with all the latest features (see below), and offer fully self-serve e-bikes throughout multiple locations in Prince Edward County, thanks to some awesome local businesses who have partnered with us. We are also thrilled to be setting up our very first self-serve location outside of PEC this year to allow you to explore even further! Housed in a unique shipping container, you will now be able to use our e-bikes to experience the beautiful region of Tobermory. We are so excited to see where Westlake E-Bikes is headed, and where we can help take you in the future.

As you may see, Westlake E-Bikes is not just a business for us—it’s about getting out and doing something different. So, whether you’re a local looking for a fun day out, or a traveler seeking a unique adventure, we invite you to take the scenic route.”

– Erik & Abbey

Our E-Bikes

Unlike other self-serve micro mobility products, we have thoughtfully designed our e-bikes to take you through almost any terrain, from smooth roads to rocky beaches. Equipped with front suspension, a long-lasting battery, and a range of gears and pedal assist speeds, our e-bikes are sure to comfortably get you where you want to go. These features, along with the instant throttle that can be used to help you climb those tough hills, allow you the freedom to choose how much effort you would like to put into your ride. Our bikes also come with front baskets and rear storage bags, so your picnic, farmers market finds, or (almost) anything else that your heart desires can come along for the ride with ease too. Some of the highlighted features and specifications of our e-bikes include: